Seed Lab Equipments

Lab Paddy Cleaner / Grader

Lab Paddy Cleaner / Grader
Item Code : 6707
Description :
- Especially designed for lab use.
- Suitability for all cereal grains, pulses, oilseeds etc.
- Adjustable feed rate & blower air flow
- Fractions Separation.
- Two screen system.
- Different fractions & impurities are collected from different spouts.
- Work even without electricity

Computerized Seed Counter

Computerized Seed Counter
Item Code : 6709
Description :
Computerized one and specially designed for quick counting of Seeds. The machine is very useful for grains and pulses laboratories where counting of Seeds is a routine requirement. Microcontroller based highly advanced unit with alphanumeric display of the commodity name and its other details. Can be attached to a personal computer for maintaining records of samples obtained. It can also be connected with a serial and/ or a parallel printer. Electromagnetic vibratory action moves the seed upward along the track. Seeds are arranged into a single line before they are discharged. As the seed speeds down the chute, it is detected by a solid state sensor. It accurately counts a predetermined number of seeds in a lot and offers programmable number of lots for the continual duplications of a lot.

General Features:
- Micro Controller based
- LCD display.
- Membrane Keyboard.
- Easily detachable pan.
- Electromagnetic Vibratory feeder
- Counting speed can be regulated.
- Lot size programming
- Programmable batch, number of lots in a batch through membrane keypad
- Opto electronic sensor
- Interface capabilities for attaching computer and printer.
- Parallel port for Parallel printer.
- Programmable soft start and stop
- Programmable stop

- Counts seeds of sizes from 1 mm to 15 mm.
- Counts maximum up to 999999 seeds in a lot.
- Power supply 220 V/ 50 Hz operated.

Lab Hot Air Seed Dryer -Cabinet Type

Lab Hot Air Seed Dryer -Cabinet Type
Item Code : 6715
Description :
- Mobile.
- Constant Air circulation.
- Insulated tripled walled with Gasketted doors
- Inside Stainless Steel.
- Easily replaceable tubular heaters.
- Digital Temperature indicator.
- Good quality locking system.

Seed Germinator

Seed Germinator
Item Code :S67064
General Requirements:
Seed Germinator is designed to work successfully in every climatic condition. Seed Germinatoris suitable to be tested with all the kind of substrata (Top of paper, between paper, Sands and glass plates). Higher humidity levels can be maintained & humidity will be displayed. It has provision to Program different temperatures, light levels for different time intervals to simulate Customer's requirements for normal seedling germination. Have facility to record data and storage. Have Program lock. Have Audio Visual Alarm
Technical Data:
No. of Chamber: One (heating & cooling)
Capacity: 400-450 liter
Display :Digital LCD display
Number of shelves: 12-15 
Temperature range: 5- 45°C
Temperature resolution: 0.1°C
Temperature selection resolution: 0.1° C

Temperature accuracy:0.2°C
Temperature stability: ± 0.5°C
Air circulation : 1 Fan (minimum) 
Temperature uniformity : ±0.7°C
Relative Humidity range :100%
Relative Humidity resolution : 1%
Relative Humidity selection resolution :1%
Relative Humidity accuracy :± 3%
Relative Humidity stability :± 3%
Light intensity :Intensity is adjustable up to 160-170 µmol/m2 sec
Working environment : 10 - 40 0C
External Dimension(mm) (W x B x H) : 815 x 750 x 2150 (approx.)
Power supply : 220-240 VAC/1Ph/50 Hz
Cabinet Construction: Interior and exterior wall feature a stainless steel design. Overall wall thickness is 55-60 mm with environmentally friendly (CFC free). Door opening provides full access to the chamber interior. A magnetic gasket provides a tight seal to door frame. A second internal glass door provides observation window without disturbing the internal atmosphere. Shelving tiers of white epoxy coated aluminum.
Refrigeration :- Cooling for seed germinators is provided by a self-contained air-cooled condensing unit with hot gas bypass for continuous compressor operation. Humidification :- Humidification system is a centrifugal humidifier. Centrifugal atomizing humidifiers must be supplied with clean water.
Control system:- CMP control system is a PLC base programmable system, with color LCD touch screen, capable of programming temperature, humidity and light intensity. PID controlled base system, Relative humidity sensor is an electronic psychomotor with wet sock. The controlling system converts the difference between wet and dry bulb reading. 

Required accessories
0% to 100% Rh Sensor 
Additional High Temperature Safety System to cut off all Heaters with Automatic Audio Visual
(Digital) Alarm 
Voltage Stabilizer

Seed Sieve Shaker

Seed Sieve Shaker
Item Code : 6767
Description :
- Vibratory screen shaker.
- Timer provided.
- Controlled Vibration.

Lab Seed Blower - Dacota Type

Lab Seed Blower - Dacota Type
Item Code : 6719 
Description :
- Robust, Fast & Mobile.
- Timer Facility.
- Air flow controlled.
- Effective for small lots of seeds.
- Wire mesh bottom prevent seed falling into fan
- Three sets of imported transparent tubes.

Laboratory Aspirator - Bates

Laboratory Aspirator - Bates
Item Code : 6726 
Description :

- Fast & Accurate.
- Separate detachable transparent collector.
- Feed rate controller.
- Controlled air flow.
- Triangular Pan.

Lab Seed Riffle Type Divider- Soil Type

Lab Seed Riffle Type Divider- Soil Type
Item Code : 6717
Description :
- Robust & Compact Design.
- Supplied with pans, scoop & brush.
- Stainless Steel Body.
- Available in different No. of chutes.
- No Electric requirement..

Illuminated Purity Work Board

Illuminated Purity Work Board
Item Code : 6714
Description :
It is suitable for testing physical purity of Seed samples with maximum comfort and efficiency. Suitable to be used to distinguish, discolored, damaged wand chalky grains/seeds. Light below the rectangular 8’’ x 5’’ opal glass which makes a handy disphanoscope, using of this spot with chaffy grass eliminate all guess works on test. One convenient drawer is provided in the front for larger seed lots. Fitted with a magnifying glass covering the entire surface of opal glass.

Size : 50 x 28 x 10 Ht. Cms. (Made of teak wood for longer life).
Drawer Capacity : 930 CC (approx.).
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